Monday, 7 January 2019

Photography Competition & Exhibition - Beatrix Potter’s Vision: A Celebration of the Lake District.

Beatrix Potter’s Vision
A Celebration of the Lake District.
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Closing date: 23rd April 2019

Atlantic woodlands are one of the richest and most treasured habitats found within the British Isles. These forested ecosystems are teeming with biodiversity and showcase some of the most exceptional examples of lichens, bryophytes and ferns that the UK has to offer.

Beatrix Potter was best known for her story-telling, but unknowingly to most she was an advocate for conserving the natural and cultural heritage of the Lake District. The beautiful landscape as we see it today is partly thanks to her drive and dedication to safeguard the land she learned from and loved.

Plantlife’s Photography Competition & Exhibition is an opportunity to capture the beauty of Atlantic woodlands that served as an inspiration to Beatrix and influenced many elements of her work. This opportunity is a platform to promote the lesser known aspects of her life as a conservationist, a scientist and an educator - a celebration of her life achievements. Therefore, this photography competition is dedicated to Beatrix Potter.

Three photo competition categories:
1. Woodlands in the landscape. Photograph this treasured habitat stitched across the Lake District.
2. Small things in woodlands. Capture the lichen & bryophyte residents of these special places.
3. People in woodlands. Snapshot the personal interactions between people & the woodlands.

The age categories are under 11’s, 11-17 year olds and over 18’s. There will be a first, second and third prize winner for each age group within each of the competition categories.

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