Monday, 28 September 2015

Sci-Tech Programme now on line

The new season started today with a full house. Many new members came mostly it seems from Sarum U3A.
The wonderful but somewhat doom laden talk about Anti-Biotic Resistance was given by Prof Diane Newell who was a scientist in this area and is now a member of both the Winchester and Test Valley U3As and runs their Science groups.
From the start of the Anti-biotic era with penicillin there has been resistance to drugs. The squandering of their use has led to more and more resistance subsequently.
There are plans to improve a dire situation such as the Longitude project which is offering £10,000,000 for a solution specifically for GPs to be able to test rapidly for the particular bacterium affecting a patient. This currently takes a week and is too expensive to do. So doctors prescribe wide spectrum anti-biotics that are being more resistant all the time.

October 26th meeting will be at the Salisbury Fire Station at 10 am for a tour and a talk on the latest fire appliances and their technical details. This will be a free event I believe.

There are still some blank times in the programme and I would be grateful for any talks member could offer or for information about suitable outside speakers. Peter Read 01722 501218 or Thanks in anticipation!

The Programme is found on the

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

NADFAS FREE Talk 2 October

Drawing as a Language - Message from Christopher Browne

  • This is, I think a very special course, because it reveals Drawing as a Language
  • That is, just like any other language: so one can learn its vocabulary, grammar and syntax and then use it or read it - more or less fluently – without even requiring the special aptitude magically labelled Talent! 
  • I may have made it sound like hard work, but all it requires is to concentrate a bit and keep an open mind.
  • The group has a small faithful following, but it has lost members due to health, moving away and so on. It is important to recruit now because I am losing my own workshop where we have been meeting and I need to know how many to cater for at the new venue that I am trying to arrange.

I am happy for you to offer my contact details where appropriate. 
Christopher Browne 01722.331972