Monday, 13 June 2011

St Francis Hall FIRE

Dear Members

There has been a serious fire at St Francis Hall on Friday putting it out of action for a year. The roof has collapsed at the rear of the building and there is smoke and water damage throughout the hall, although from the car park you cannot see evidence of damage.

I'm pleased to report there were no casualties.

The vicar has said we can definitely use the church for our Coffee Morning this coming Wednesday. We may also be able to use the church over the coming months but that decision will come out of a meeting of the church management this weekend.

Keith Blake and I have visited the hall where the fire service allowed us to recover our sound equipment and noticeboard; although they may be smoke damaged.

Tony Munday has kindly volunteered to resurrect his sign directing people to the church for the Coffee Morning.

I will keep you aware of developments.

Gordon Pardy

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