Monday, 30 November 2009

South East Forum Summer School

Click on the link below to see some details of this summer school.
There will be Painting, Modern Novels, Vienna, Drama, Psychology and visits to three local places involving walking up to 5 miles. And many other interesting topics.
South East Forum Summer School – Tuesday 6th to 9th July in Chichester.

Great Opportunity for all U3As with a Family History Study Group

We are taking a stand at ‘Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE 2010’ event which is taking place at Olympia between 26-28th February. It is the country’s biggest and most comprehensive family history event and it would be great to have input from U3A family history groups. So, if there have been interesting discoveries made in your family history groups it would be marvellous to receive a short report from you, ideally as an email attachment and if there happens to be a relevant photograph, that would be great. We will then try to incorporate as many of these as possible into our exhibition.
We also need volunteers for the stand and would appreciate hearing from anybody who could offer some time.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

SARUM Group Course Information

Linda has now updated this page. So if you wish to know what groups or courses are available click on Groups from the main Sarum page. Or more easily click HERE