Monday, 3 November 2014


The Discovering Britain web site from the Royal Geographical Society is superb. Sadly there are not many walks in our area. This site is young though and so more walks will be added. It is worth bookmarking.
Click on the link when you open this page and then the area of Britain that interests you. The depth within the site is surprising and even gratifying.

Walking/Rambling Groups: The website of the Royal Geographical Society offers an exciting series of geographically themed walks around Britain, designed to tell the unique stories of our landscapes. The walks are designed to be fun, informative and inspiring. They are completely free, self-guided and suitable for all ages and abilities. Prepare to discover something new and to be surprised by what is right on your own doorstep.

"Our ambition is to create more than 100 inspirational and informative walks that bring our islands’ geography and history alive. We are creating new walks and adding to the website all the time".

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