Saturday, 28 September 2013

Future Learn Course - FREE

I thought you may be interested in a bit more detail about the University of Leeds ‘mini-MOOC’ to share with U3A members. It’s a short two-week course with wide appeal which begins on 21 October.
Fairness and nature: when worlds collide

Do you think nature should be conserved for future generations, or is it a resource to be exploited for its financial value? How can government policies provide economic benefit, whilst being environmentally sustainable and delivering social fairness for all those affected, even the most disadvantaged groups? How we make difficult but fair decisions about managing our natural resources has relevance to many local and international issues, for example, in the UK there are currently lively debates about high-speed train lines and fracking for shale gas. This course examines how we can make those difficult decisions about natural resource management, when there are many competing interests and values to consider, using fundamental principles and learning how to apply them to international case studies.

Join us at:

I also attach a publicity poster, please do pass it on along with the above text if you think it would be helpful to spread the word about this new opportunity to learn.

I hope it is of interest to your members and we can share this online journey together! We are also actively learning about this method of sharing knowledge and the experience and contribution that U3A members bring would be greatly appreciated.

Please do get in touch if there is anything else I can provide or if you have any questions.

Many thanks,
Katy Sidwel
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