Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Visit to Chilbolton Observatory - 10th September 2013

I am pleased to confirm that the allocated visit time, for 20 members of U3A Salisbury, will be from 15:00  to 16:30 on Tuesday 10th September 2013
I hope the following information will be of interest and helpful,  to you and your members
The Chilbolton Observatory is owned and operated by the Science and Technology Facilities Council and supports UK and international research.  It conducts experimental work in the areas of atmospheric science and radio science.  Find out more now by checking our web page at http://www.stfc.ac.uk/chilbolton.
On a visit to the Observatory, there are 5 principal areas to see activity:
  1. Radar  control room
  2. 25m Steerable antenna (dish)
  3. Satellite ground station compound
  4. 500 m Met Range
  5. LOFAR antenna site
The areas are quite widespread (there is about 1000 m between the furthest extents). As some are outside, we do always ask that people dress appropriately for the weather and advise the ladies that they may find trousers more practical for access to some parts. The site is reasonably flat, and there are only two areas where people with limited mobility or wheel chairs would find difficulty visiting: the dish, and the Receive cabin.
Personal items must be kept with you at all times.
Guide dogs only on site.  Please do not leave dogs in cars.
Directions are available on our web page links, however please note:
Sat-nav systems -  if they direct you to approach via the A30, you may be sent on a route that bypasses Chilbolton village but includes a long stretch of an unpaved road only suitable for 4WD vehicles. Make sure to approach the Observatory via Chilbolton village - that way you will only experience a short stretch of the unpaved road
You are welcome to take photographs, so don’t forget your camera and bring lots of questions for our staff!
We look forward to meeting you and hope you have an enjoyable and informative visit.
Best regards
STFC Chilbolton Observatory
Drove Road
Chilbolton, Stockbridge
SO20 6BJ
Tel: 01264 860391

This tour is still open to any member of one of the Salisbury U3A's.  No need to book even, BUT I would be grateful if you would let me know beforehand if you wish to go so that I can tell the Observatory how many to expect. Ring me on 01722 501218 or email the webmaster. Peter.