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U3A Partnership Projects – July 2011

U3A Partnership Projects – July 2011
(1) Archaeology of Wessex Gallery
Salisbury Museum is planning to redevelop our Early Man and Pitt Rivers galleries – which have been little changed since they were installed in the early 1980s. We have initial funding support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and are planning to submit a major application to the HLF later in 2011. If we are successful the new gallery will open in 2013. This will tell the story of the Salisbury area, including the Stonehenge World Heritage site, from prehistory to the arrival of the Normans in 1066. The gallery will have the following objectives:
  • We are a local museum telling an international story – visitors will understand how key events in British and world history are linked with the story of the Salisbury area;

  • People are central to the story – visitors will be invited into the lives of both ordinary and extraordinary people from Salisbury’s past;

  • The process of discovery – the gallery will offer not just a story about the past, but also how we understand the past. Visitors will be able to examine archaeological and historical evidence and will be encouraged to come to their own conclusions;

  • The story of Stonehenge, Old Sarum and Salisbury will be placed into the chronological story of the south Wiltshire area.

We would like to develop a ‘shared learning project’ with members from Salisbury’s U3A to work with the curator to select and research artefacts that will go into ‘artefact drawers’ within the gallery. These will be ‘open storage’ displays within the exhibits where we will be able to display many objects that would otherwise be hidden away. There will drawers for most historic periods throughout gallery, from the Palaeolithic through to the early medieval period.
The culmination of this project will be the displays themselves and a series of public lunchtime ‘tea and talk’s’ led by the U3A based on their research.

(2) Gallery Stewards

The new Archaeology of Wessex gallery will also need to be staffed by volunteer guides and stewards. We are also hoping to train volunteers to deliver object handling sessions based on our archaeological collections and take visitors on ‘behind the scenes’ tours.
We would like to start recruiting volunteers to undertake these activities now – as they are already part of what the museum offers to the public. Potential stewards or guides would need to under take research, have training in customer care and have an induction to the museum.

(3) Collection Documentation

Salisbury Museum has a team of volunteers who undertake the cataloguing of the collections. We are always looking for new volunteers to add to this team – particularly people who are computer literate and might have a particular interest/passion in an area of our collections. At the moment we are seeking enthusiastic and committed people to work on our costume and geology collections. The main task will be record descriptions of objects and their physical location in the museum on our Modes database.


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