Friday, 14 January 2011

Light Reflections

Spire U3A had a talk about Butterflies recently.   As a follow up Brian Dicker sent us this information that may shed light on butterflies wings.
Professor Alan Miller will talk about Optoelectonics and how it has become a well established and pervasive technology, combining the basic physics of electrons and photons. These particles have some remarkable properties that can be combined in a plethora of ways to create photonic devices.

How is it possible to create pulses of laser light on the timescale of a few femto seconds and how can these pulses be used to monitor the physics of electrons in semiconductor layers on the dimension of a few nanometers?

This talk will address the physics of the ultrasmall and the ultrafast in the context of nanostructured semiconductors and ultrashort pulse lasers. Research combining these areas of technology will be illustrated by personal observations from a career that has included research in universities on both sides of the Atlantic, as a government scientist, and as a senior manager with responsibility for research and knowledge transfer in two UK research intensive universities.

Coffee available from 19:00, talk starts at 19:30.

Attendance is free but please reserve tickets by emailing
Tue, 18 Jan 2011  19:30
St John’s suite, Mercure White Hart Hotel, 1 St John Street, Salisbury, SP1 2SD

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