Sunday, 23 May 2010

Changes to Newsletter and Membership Cards

S P I R E U 3 A

Please note:

Your Vice Chairman, Andy Poole’s phone number is 07767 623 957

The following amendments need to be made to the groups offered:-

Mondays Science & Technology is lead by Peter Read 01722 501 218; Christopher Penfold 01722 325 220; Laurie Irons 01722 325 307

Tuesdays There is no longer the archaeology group

Wednesdays Please add

History of Music to be led by Stella Tobi at 17 Churchfield Road from 2.30 – 4.30pm starting in September held monthly on the fourth Wednesday until May 2011

Thursdays Mobile Phones led by Aslaug Abbott tel:- 01722 7126 995 is going to be held in members homes.

Exploring the Countryside led by Colin Seago tel:- 01722 510 630 is held monthly, the group is full, but it is worth phoning, as there may be the odd space.

Recording Playing for fun and Improvement meets monthly at 20 St Clair Rd.
Led by Stuart Robson tel:-01722 334 310,

Fridays Water Colour Painting held on Fridays in led by Sally Jermy 01722 333 613