Monday, 22 February 2010

BBC2 Documentary Series

BBC television is making a documentary series about attitudes to money and would like to speak to people about the role money plays in their lives.  For an informal chat please contact Tara Nolan on 020 7557 2364 or email her at

ITV General Knowledge Quiz Series – The Chase

If general knowledge is your forte and you would like to be considered for the show, please email

Bookbite Project

This is a new project led by the reading charity Booktrust which aims to inspire older people to discover or re-discover reading and creative writing. There will be a magazine containing information on books, stories, book clubs etc and a website with other useful resources

Friday, 19 February 2010


Britain’s 743 U3As, and their 229,871 members are to be asked to quiz political candidates on their views about adult education, third age education and informal adult learning.

“The U3A is resolutely non-political, but it does want to see legislators who understand the benefits of adult education, and are willing to work for a better life for those in their third age” says U3A national chairman Ian Searle.

“We will never advise our members how to vote. But the answers to these questions may inform their voting behaviour.”

Mr Searle will circulate the questions to all 743 U3As in the UK, suggesting that they should be put to candidates for the local authority elections in May and those who will be standing for Parliament in next year’s general election.

He will tell them that candidates should be asked:

Do you intend to continue with the policies outlined in The Learning Revolution, especially those requiring close co-operation between local authorities and voluntary organisations?

Will inter-departmental consultation be continued so that health, pensions and education continue to work together for the benefit of older citizens?

Do you recognise the financial benefits and savings as well as the health benefits that accrue from encouraging informal adult learning ?

Do you appreciate that the allocation of funds is heavily weighted towards the young, as pointed out in Learning Through Life, and that this is not only unfair, but socially divisive?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Internet Video Capture for FREE

All Subject Groups: Have you spotted a video(s) on YOUTUBE that you could use for a talk, and need to record it? Applian Technologies 'Replay Media Capture' is completely free and will cleverly convert a YOUTUBE clip to a file you can keep on your laptop or memory-stick. See

French Study Groups/Art History Groups:

French Study Groups/Art History Groups:

Le CED à est un projet collaboratif visant à constituer le premier patrimoine gratuit de vidéos éducatives pour les jeunes et leurs parents à domicile. Enseignants, étudiant ou expert vous pouvez y participer et jouer les passeurs de culture.